Non-Destructive Testing

Discontinuities and errors are detected by applying one or more of the non-destructive testing methods (NDT) to the material.
Discontinuities are regions that create non-homogeneity within a homogeneous material structure. Discontinuities are within the acceptance limits of the relevant standards (detailed in the standards menu).
Errors are the general name given to discontinuities that limit the use of the material or affect its performance negatively and fall outside the acceptance limits of the relevant standards.

Discontinuities can basically be caused by 3 different stages.

1- Discontinuities Caused by Design: Incorrect material selection, inappropriate production process and / or unsuitable process parameters, faulty geometry and unsuitable material dimensions constitute discontinuities arising from the most basic design.

2- Discontinuities Arising from Production: Casting, welded joining, plastic forming, machining and powder metallurgy production methods. There are discontinuities peculiar to each production method.

- Casting Discontinuities: Gas space, shrinkage gap, hot tear, Inclusion and cold junction etc. countable.
- Welding Discontinuities: Cracks, pores, insufficient melting, insufficient penetration and solid residues, etc. countable.
- Plastic Forming Discontinuities: Riding, vein, residues, elongated tensile voids, lamination and cracks, etc. countable.
- Machining and Heat Treatment Discontinuities: Grinding - processing cracks and heat treatment cracks are included in this group.

3- Service Discontinuities: The discontinuities in this group are the formation of cracks between grains starting with fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracks and pitting corrosion.
Crack control (NDT Control / NDT Test) in steel trading companies, heat treatment companies, plate / sheet trading companies, foundries, cement factories and crane manufacturers; Ultrasonic crack control test is performed by ultrasonic phased array crack control test, magnetic crack control test and penetrant crack control tests. Welding control for steel construction companies, shipyards, pipelines, tank and warehouse manufacturing companies (NDT Control / NDT Test); magnetic crack control test, ultrasonic crack control test and ultrasonic phased array crack control tests.

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